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A Skin Rejuvenating Machine

September 18, 2018

Dr. Henry Cheng & Christine Cheng B.Sc.(Pharm.), C.N.P.A.

   Our body is made of numerous atoms. Each atom is made of electrons circulating around a nucleus. Electrons are negatively charged particles circulating around the nucleus that is positively charged. This system creates electro-magnetic forces radiating around the atom. Our body in turn is made of multiple systems of these electro-magnetic forces. These systems are being utilized in both diagnostic and therapeutic devices. An electrocardiogram (EKG) reflects the condition of our heart through recordings of the electro-magnetic waves of our heart. Electro-encephalogram (EEG) records brain waves and offers invaluable diagnostic information to neurologists. TENS machines are widely used by physiotherapists to help relieve musculo-skeletal pains. Electro-magnetic resonance machines utilize the same principle. Magnetic bracelets, copper bracelets, even gem stone therapy utilize the same principle. Who knows, may be homeopathic medicine also work on this principle.

   Recently a similar principle has been utilized in developing the Oxylift®, a “hyper-oxygenation” dermatological machine. This is a hand held device that utilizes low level, high frequency technology that generates a pulsating physical reaction at the tip where it touches the skin. This reaction is innocent and does not hurt or burn. It generates a gas called ozone (“hyper oxygen”, or “super oxygen”) that has strong oxidizing, sterilizing, and cleansing properties. The ozone sterilizes the skin, as well as neutralizing harmful contaminants that had accumulated on the surface of the skin. The ozone generated by Oxylift® lasts only a fraction of a second. It does not penetrate the skin so it will not counteract the effects of anti-oxidants in the cells.


   The reaction stimulates circulation so your skin may appear pinkish after use. The increase in circulation, coupled with the infra red glow from the argon gas in the head promote the production of collagens and hence regeneration of connective tissues. Many anti-aging products and techniques actually thin the skin, while Oxylift® promotes regeneration. The mechanical massage and physical stimulation tightens the skin thus producing an astringent effect. The cleanliness it produces on the skin surface brings general skin health. Decrease in surface tension of the skin produced by the pulsating reaction, the improved circulation and the physical stimulation across the skin surface help ingredients of anti-wrinkle or moisturising creams to be absorbed into the skin. Hence it is an excellent catalyst for anti-wrinkle creams.

Oxylift Saggy Skin

   Oxylift® has a graduated dial for adjusting the strength of the spark and the current. The variable setting allows you to use different strength of electric spark for different areas of the face. When you first started using the machine you can choose a lower setting. When you are used to the sparks you can raise the setting. Do not be alarmed by the smell of ozone and the buzzing noise from the sparks. Applying a layer of facial cream facilitates the generation of the electric sparks. Using a non-exfoliating anti-wrinkle cream such as Urist Wrinkle and Frown Line Cream would even be better. The flow of electric current across the skin facilitates the transportation of the cream ingredients to the deeper parts of the skin. Using the Urist cream and the Oxylift produces instant results in creating the glow on your face, and alleviation of wrinkles can be achieved within a matter of weeks. One word of caution: those who are pregnant and those who have pacemakers should not use any plug-in electric device without medical supervision. While it can be used in almost all sorts of skin conditions, I do not recommend its use in conditions that are aggravated by heat, such as eczema, lupus, erythema, rosacea, recent scald and burns. The best results had been obtained in acne vulgaris, wrinkles, and poor circulation of extremities.

Henry Cheng is a medical graduate of the University of London, England, and is now Certified Natural Products Consultant at Pharmasave Downtown Cloverdale.