Articles & Reports - Getting Ready for Pollen Season

Getting Ready for Pollen Season

September 18, 2018

Dr. Henry Cheng

   Thank God winter is over. The birds and the bees are just around the corner. This is good news for everybody except those who have hay fever because the pollens and tree dusts are also just around the corner. Well, if you start doing something now, maybe your seasonal allergies will not hit you so hard this year. To prevent the annoying symptoms of weeping and sneezing all day with plugged up sinuses and itch eyes, you can try a homeopathic program that I had been using for over 20 years. Take Pollen 30CH one dose (1 ml or 2 pumps placed under the tongue) once a week and Thymuline 30CH (one little tube of granules to be melted under the tongue) also once a week but on a different day of the week, for a minimum of 5 weeks. For bad and stubborn cases, take each remedy twice a week instead. Try to avoid anything by mouth for 15 minutes after taking the remedies to allow complete absorption across the oral mucosa. Pollen 30CH works like a vaccine. It trains the body to be accustomed to the invasion of various pollen and tree dusts. Thymuline 9CH normalizes the immunity so that the body does not over-react with inflammation when invaded by the otherwise innocent pollens.

   During an attack of hay fever, a homeopathic mixture can be used to fight the histamine pathway. I had designed a homeopathic antihistamine mix called Henry’s Allergy Mix that contains Rhus Tox, Psorinum, Allium, Euphrasia, Sabadilla, Ambrosia, Solidago, and Histaminum Muriaticum. Alternatively there is a Hay Fever Mix that contains Wyeth Helen, Apis Mellifica, Allium Cepa, Euphrasia, Rhus Tox, and Lachesis. The mechanism of action in these homeopathic preparations is based on “Like heals Like”, viz. a substance that would have caused the symptoms can be used to treat the same symptoms when used in minute doses. Thus, any one of these substances can cause sneezing, itchiness, sinus congestion, and tearing of the eyes. But when used in a homeopathic form, they can be used to treat exactly the same symptoms. I’ve had clients who told me that this was the only anti-histamine that had worked for them. There are also proprietary homeopathic preparations like Sabalia® (Boiron), Corysalia® (Boiron), Luffeel® (Heel) that can be used to treat hay fever symptoms. There is a paediatric version of Sabalia® and Corysalia® that are suitable for children. Luffeel® comes in both oral and nasal spray forms.

   Oculoheel Eye Drops® (Heel) works great for itch and weepy eyes. It is contact lens compatible. Try Urtica Urens 30CH if you develop hives, or Homeopruril if you develop a dry skin rash. Vinceel® (Heel) throat spray soothes the throat. Stodal ® (Boiron) and Brococin® (Heel) are homeopathic cough syrups that will never cause drowsiness or dizziness. If there is an element of wheezing, asthma, or bronchospasm, you would have to add a preparation called Tartephedreel® (Heel).

   When you are getting into an area where pollens and dusts are flying all over, you can protect your nasal mucus membrane with a nasal ointment called Cicadermin® (Boiron). Remember to use Cicadermin when you get into a green house, a hay field, and whenever you see cottonwood dust flying in the air. This ointment not only moisturizes the dry nasal passage but more importantly it acts as a barrier between the invading antigens (the pollens and dusts) and the body’s sensitive organs. If the invading antigens cannot interact with the body’s antibodies, there will be no allergic reaction or symptoms. All the homeopathic remedies can be used together with prescription or OTC drugs. Side effects are practically unknown.

Henry Cheng is a medical graduate of the University of London, England and is now a Natural Products Consultant in Pharmasave Downtown Cloverdale.