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Integrative Approach to Flu Prevention

September 18, 2018

By Dr. Henry Cheng

   The most reliable way to prevent the flu is to take the flu shot together with adopting a healthy life style. The flu vaccine is manufactured with the current year’s viral strains and is designed to fight the current year’s flu virus. In order to obtain the appropriate strains the manufacturer needs to wait till the fall when the current virus can be identified and isolated before the vaccine can be produced. It is for this reason that the flu shot is available only in mid-October. 

   There are people who for one reason or another cannot take the flu shot. In this case, using herbal and homeopathic medicines may help to booster immunity so the body can fight the flu bug when it invades the body. Herbal and homeopathic medicines are not proven scientifically and are not accepted by orthodox schools. I must emphasize that homeopathic flu prevention programs should be used in conjunction with the flu shot, or used as an alternative only when the flu shot is contra-indicated. I would never tell people that you can use the homeopathic program to substitute for the flu shot. Misconception about homeopathic medicine and fear of the needle may compromise the population’s vaccination rate and herd immunity. 

   Herbal and homeopathic medicines definitely can be used as an adjunct to cut down the risk of getting sick. For 20 years I have seen them work repetitively in humans and animals. Typically a homeopathic prevention program consists of taking Thymuline 9CH once a week for 5 weeks and Influenzinum 9CH also once a week but on a different day of the week and also for 5 weeks. This should be commenced in the fall. Thymuline is made from the thymus gland (not thyroid gland), the organ responsible for producing immune bodies. Homeopathic Thymuline stimulates the thymus gland to produce the appropriate antibodies. Influenzinum is made from the actual current year’s influenza vaccine. It is believed that minute doses of the vaccine may educate the body’s immune system to deal with the flu virus in case of an actual invasion by the virus. Homeopathic medicine is also known to reduce the side effects of vaccination. If you are concerned about side effects of vaccination take three little pills of Sulfur 30CH dissolved under the tongue once immediately before and once immediately after the injection. This may minimize side effects. 

   A herbal complex called Esberitox containing Echinacea, Thuya and Baptisa is one of the most popular over the counter medication in Germany. On the first symptom of the flu, chew 2 or 3 tablets every 3 to 4 hours until the symptoms are gone. Taking homeopathic anas barbariae hepatis et cordis (Brand named Oscillococinum) one dose to be dissolved under the tongue has also shown remarkable efficacy in lessening and shortening the duration of the flu episode. 

   What do I do every year to fight the flu? I take the flu shot as soon as it is available. I also take Thymuline 9CH and Influenzinum 9CH once a week for 5 weeks. Then I have Esberitox and Oscillo on hand to be taken whenever I feel my neck tightens, my throat feels scratch, or I get tired for no other reason. Was it the vaccine or the natural products that had protected me throughout the years? Honestly I believe that they both contributed to my health.

Henry Cheng is a medical graduate of the University of London, England and is now Natural 
Products Consultant at Pharmasave Downtown Cloverdale.

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