Question & Answer - Osteoarthritis


September 18, 2018

Q: I have knee and hip pain from osteoarthritis.  What is the best natural remedy?

Dr. Cheng: Try Maori Miracle® which contains ingredients for both healing and pain control.  GlycoMarine® is an extract from the New Zealand green-lipped mussel. It contains 9 different glycosaminoglycans that serve as raw materials for joint healing. It also has Cox-2 inhibitory properties and is chondroprotective.   Myristin® is a fatty acid ester that lubricates the joint and modulates immunity (hence beneficial for rheumatoid arthritis).  Kolla-2® is another glycosaminoglycan from chicken cartilage. It replaces lost cartilage and joint fluid. Finally white willow bark is a time-honoured herbal anti-inflammatory agent.  A homeopathic medicine called Zeel Compositum may be used as a catalystic activator.  I have seen huge success with this combination.

Maori Miracle