Animal Health Products

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We carry medications and supplements to keep your pets healthy: Antibiotics, anti-fungals, first aid supplies,dewormers, flea products, joint and skin remedies, etc.
DID YOU KNOW:We do VETERINARY COMPOUNDING as well!  We can custom make medications for you and your animals.
Ask us about:

Pergolide capsules for equine Cushing’s Syndrome.
Cyproheptadine capsules for Head Shaking Syndrome.
Potassium Bromide suspension/capsules for epilepsy.
Trilostane capsules for canine Cushing’s Syndrome.
Methimazole transdermal ear gels.
Medicated beef/chicken/liver/fish flavored suspensions.
Phenylpropanolamine suspensions for incontinence.
Alternatives to Metacam.