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Our team of Pharmacists take care in ensuring your needs are met.  We carry typical pharmacy items from first aid, cough & cold, pain and analgesics, to vitamins and supplements.  Apart from traditional Pharmacy services, we are also a Compounding Pharmacy.  Compounding allows a practitioner and a pharmacist to prepare a customized medication that is not commercially available, or to place an available medication in a different dosage form to meet a specific patient need.
Compounding can help to improve compliance, to improve outcomes of drug therapy, and to reduce overall health care costs.
IN EVERY MEDICAL PRACTICE there are a few patients who have not responded to traditional treatment or who have a unique medical circumstance. These patients may be helped through compounding. Let us try to help provide a solution to your medical problem.
Compounding has had a significant evolution in the last 10 years or so. New technology allows a pharmacist to prepare custom prescriptions with total confidence in quality control. There have been recent certification standards created by a number of non-profit organizations. As well more companies are offering quality control testing of compounded products and pharmacists have access to classes about new compounding techniques. Finally, a number of leading organizations are garnering evidence-based and health outcome data to demonstrate safety and efficacy of various drug profiles.
We realize that no two people are alike. Through the practice of compounding medications, our Pharmacists cater to the unique medical needs of individuals, infants, children and even animals.
Our Compounding Pharmacist prepares customized medications to help you and your physician improve the therapeutic outcome of your treatment. Our Compounding Pharmacists have undergone extensive PCCA (Professional Compounding Centers of America) training and accreditation in compounding techniques.
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