Question & Answer - Reduce Snoring

Reduce Snoring

September 18, 2018

Q: My spouse snores like thunder.  Do you have some natural remedies that might help?

Dr. Cheng.: “Snore-Eze Mix” is a homeopathic liquid taken internally, whereas “DMS Anti-Snore Spray” is a throat spray that is used at bed time. Both products works through minimizing the congestion of the soft palate thus opening up the air passage, reducing snoring and improving sleep apnoea.  “Snore-Eze Mix” works through internal immunity, whereas the “DMS Anti-Snore Spray” contains a natural substance called dimethylsulfone (DMS) that is a local decongestant.   While the “DMS Anti-Snore Spray” works on the lower surface of the soft palate, we can also target the upper surface with Luffeel® Nasal Spray (Heel). No side effect had ever been reported.