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Seven Steps to a Vibrant Life

September 18, 2018

Dr. Henry Cheng and Frederick Cheng (R.Ph.)

   The first couple of months of the year is the time to execute our new year resolutions, to refresh our bodies and elevate our vitality, yet one of the most common complaints that we hear from our clients at this time of the year is “low energy levels”. Of course, many of them have medical reasons for this. Many more, however, simply cannot garner enough energy to accomplish their daily chores. We have a few tips to rectify this.

(1) EXERCISE: One needs to make time for regular exercise. Exercise stimulates the mitochondria of your body’s cells to burn fuel to generate energy. Exercise also augments the production of serotonin and endorphin for mood and alertness. Some of our clients say, “I’m too tired to do any exercise.” Well, there are ways to help break the vicious cycle. Taking “Arnicare Sport” or our own “Sport Tablets” can make unaccustomed exercise less painful, increase endurance, and speed recovery. “Endura” is great during exercise as well as in recovery, while just a few sips of “Lucozade” can provide instant energy.
(2) EAT WISELY: Never eat more than what you need. Large meals induce outpouring of insulin and reactive hypoglycemia. Most should eat less meat and more veggies. Foods from plant sources not only have less harmful fats, but also have more fibre and minerals. You do need a bit of meat, though, since certain vitamins (eg. Vit.B-12) are only available from animal sources. Moderation is key. Animal fats should be avoided all together.
(3) MANAGE STRESS: Share your troubles and achievements with people around you. Forgive people who have done you wrong. Accept your own shortcomings and those of people around you. Connect more with people who make you happy and excited. Make time for recreation. Pick-up a hobby, something that will segregate your mind from your daily troubles. Do not take on responsibilities that you cannot manage. Learn when and what to give up. “Sleep Tonight” and ”Nervoheel” can be of great benefit in reducing stress and anxiety.
(4) MANAGE YOUR TIME: Prioritize and organize your chores. Give up those that are less important, keeping in mind that you cannot win them all. Delegate as much as possible; share duties with your family and friends. Avoid putting off assignments or other forms of procrastination. Do not allow interruptions to occur. Sometimes, multitasking will actually slow you down; do things one at a time. Do not let TV, the internet, or social media consume your life; set time for it and stick to it. “Bach Flower Remedies” and other homeopathics could help with focus and obsessiveness.
(5) AVOID TOXINS: Do not smoke. We feel so strongly about this that we have not sold cigarettes at Cloverdale Pharmasave since 1990, and are an active participant in the BC Government’s subsidized smoking cessation program. Do not have more than 2 alcoholic drinks a day. Cut down on caffeine (coffee, tea, colas). Note that even green tea contains caffeine. Chamomile, ginger, cranberry teas are better choices. If you have been relying on caffeine or other stimulant drugs for energy, you should replace them with natural substitutes (see #6 below).
(6) SUPPLEMENT YOUR DIET: If you consistently eat a healthy and balanced diet, you do not need a multi-vitamin supplement. Caffeine or ephedrine can be replaced with natural stimulants like Alfalfa Tonic and Ginseng Royal Jelly. Co-Q10, “Floradix”, “Lucozade”, “Brand’s Essence of Chicken” may increase energy naturally. “Lucozade” is a carbonated glucose drink that provides instant energy. “Brand’s Essence of Chicken” is an amino acid drink made from hydrolysed chicken meat.
(7) STAY YOUNG AT HEART: Be naughty and playful. Don’t get too serious. Be interested in new things around you. Have confidence. Be proactive. Psych yourself up. Never say, “I’m too old for this.” Energy can be psychologically produced or voided. Keep your mind and body busy.
Is there a short cut to vibrant life? No. You need all seven elements for success. It does not matter where you start; just aim at accomplishing all seven things in the end. Do it for faith, which does not have to be a religion. It can be someone you love, somebody you trust, or even yourself. Make a promise, sign a contract. Set a plan, believe in it, then live it.

Henry Cheng is a medical graduate of the University of London, England, and is now a Certified Natural Products Advisor at Pharmasave Downtown Cloverdale. Frederick Cheng is a Registered Pharmacist and Certified Natural Products Advisor at the same family owned natural pharmacy.

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