Testimonial - Judy Hubbard

Judy Hubbard

September 25, 2018

“I saw the ad for an information night for Ideal Protein on Cloverdale Pharmasave’s FB site. Having tried other weight loss programs, of course, I was skeptical of something new but decided to see what it was about. I was really taken with the presentation and decided to sign up. I didn’t want to be ‘counting’ this or that or having to figure out how many points this is worth’. It’s quite simple, really. You think you’re going to be hungry, but in the end, you actually have to force yourself to eat all that’s outlined on the menu plan. To me, the difference with this plan is I feel I’ve been educated on how I should be eating and what to look for in packaging.

My goal was 15 pounds (thinking that was within reach). With the ease of the program, I ended up losing 30 pounds! I’ve been on Maintenance now for 3 months. I’m getting compliments and of course, I tell them how I did it, what’s involved, and go see the
great people with Ideal Protein at the Cloverdale Pharmasave!”

Judy Hubbard

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