Testimonial - Sandie DelVecchio

Sandie DelVecchio

September 26, 2018


I just wanted to extend my heartfelt thanks for once again comforting my animals with Homeopathic treatments.

This last treatment was for my 24 yr old Hanoverian gelding”Gront”

He has melanoma’s, Cushings and unfortunately suffered a bout of founder.

In my opinion the founder was not caused by over feeding but by stress done to his feet.

The combination of the Cushings  and his awkward conformation caused an acute onset of laminitis.

The professionals suggested his expiry date was up.

But, knowing the horse he wasn’t ready, and a darn good thing I know this horse.

Whether the stars were lined in his favour,blind faithe or just pure luck  16 days into the treatment he is back to being his obnoxious self.

Demanding his food, trotting in from the fields and tossing the am feeder around.

The only other treatment we did was put bar shoes on his front, and Lyle doubled the dose of Cyproheptadine, and then the homeopathic substance you prescribed.

I never adjusted his feed as he wasn’t getting enough to matter,on the days prior to treatment he didn’t want out we left him in his stall.

I am continuously dumbfounded how this works. Will he ever go for a leisurely trail ride who knows, but seeing him romp around in all his splendour brings a smile to my face.

As I mentioned this isn’t the first time your treatments have been beneficial.

It was 1990 the first time, when the treatment for sarcoma’s in this horse eyelid saved him from having the eyeball removed.

I believe that was something like cobra venom(I just remember it could harm a smaller animal)lyphospot and I think juice of a cedar leaf?

Amazingly, to the specialist who monitored him for  a few years the tumour shrunk

Then not 3 years ago, my dear black lab Pye had prostate cancer, you were able to shrink the tunour and buy him 2 more years of an amazing life.He lived to 16  and it wasn’t the prostate cancer that took him.

Perhaps in all these treatments the diagnosis and treatments were done at the precise time that was needed,

Or did I just get lucky.

Having witnessed what can happen I am convinced that by being proactive and following your lead there is an alternative to traditional methods.

And yes you might remember on one of my animals Jessie the treatment didn’t work, but was it my poor timing in seeking help perhaps or just fate keeping me humble.

Anyhow, just wanted to say Thanks

Best Regards,

Sandie DelVecchio

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