Testimonial - Wendy Carter

Wendy Carter

September 26, 2018

I just wanted to tell you that I am already doing better with your plan of care for the Adrenal Fatigue.  One way that I know this is by my response to what happened on the weekend.  My husband fell in a cycling accident on Sunday and broke his collar bone.  After four hours in Emerg at Peace Arch, he was sent home with a sling and pain killers (nasty narcotics), and a referral for an Ortho specialist.  The break is quite bad, although if it had pierced the skin, he would have had surgery right away.  It will need some nuts and bolts to secure it for healing and to strengthen/protect it in future.  Craig is not a complainer ever and has a high tolerance for pain. He can’t even see the doctor til Thursday, then surgery will be booked.  The Ortho doc said the bones can wait til then.  I say, the human should not have to wait. Awful for Craig of course but, here is the big difference for my emotional response:instead of crying, I got mad and took action!  We are going to see Craig’s family doc in Vancouver today to try for quicker care.

Thank you for your help Lyle.  The hopeless and helpless feelings have lifted and I feel confident that I am on the mend.

Yours truly,

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