Question & Answer - Vinceel Mouth Spray

Vinceel Mouth Spray

September 18, 2018

Q: Is there a good healing spray for sore throat, mouth ulcers and cold sores?

A: Vinceel (Heel) is a homeopathic spray designed for symptom control and healing.  It can be used for canker sores, mouth ulcers, cuts, blsiters, burns, sore throat and gingivitis.  It is not a freeze and contains no chemicals.  Being homeopathic it can be used with any other medication that you are taking. It contains calendula, phytolacca, plantago, salvia, belladona, apis mellifica, echinacea, and vincetoxicum that synergistically hellp the inflammation, redness, swelling, heat and pain. You will be amazed with the speed of healing that it promotes.

Vinceel Mouth Spray